What’s new with OHG?


Yes, everyone’s busy with CoC lately, and that’s where OHG shines as of now. I’m just happy that everyone’s still active despite the slooooooooooow activities within the guild recently. No upcoming events, no new members, idle officers [including me] and members…

BUT we’re still having fun. Even if we’ve lost GC, we still have other games. Although I can’t understand why I’m still not part of the faction in Dragon Nest SEA… well, anyway.

I’m HAPPY; don’t misunderstand it okay? xD

Oh wel...


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Seriously in love with Kaji Yuuki; Tachibana Makoto's stalker; anime + manga otaku; gamer; seiyuuphile; opportunist seme + bada$$ uke; yandere/tsundere.

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