Guild Faction in Dragon Nest SEA – Invaded

Finally, after those countless attempts and failures, I became a member of our DNSEA faction and I am so happy ~ Only 70% though, because my main (Assassin) is on the other server while our faction server is in Westwood. Bummer, I know. But I’m currently using an Alchemist (KajiKona) and a Lancea (MistHaiyan) there. Haha, IGNs provided, ADD ME UP folks!!! xD

And for the updates: Since I’ve becoming more and more active recently, I also used this very crucial spare time to update the ENTIRE blog. As you can see, we have a new and better theme. And a new Guild Officer page, wherein you can see and read ALL of the officers, pioneers and faction leaders’ profiles and official Facebook pages. Aren’t I so happy about it? XDD Everything’s pretty private now, though. But my page is accessible at the moment ~

And last, but not the least, I think I should say this: Despite Grand Chase being dead and all done, I’m still considering it as our main home. That’s where we started, and we’ll eventually continue loving and supporting this game. So whenever I’ll post anything guild-related, it’ll be full of Grand Chase things. I missed those GC days. But, life goes on, folks. 1623327_10203535729584919_1884767034456001184_n I had fun leveling up in DN. And that’s my main headquarters from now on. Rell will be seen in Clash of Clans; famishou is inactive, same with Saichi (I think). Our newly appointed sub-leaders are all active and happy – RJ is with dancho while Kei’s leading both Elsword and DN factions in place of Fame and John respectively.

And what about the rest of the gang? They’re all happy, and gay [no no, not my favorite genre guys xD] and you’ll see us daffy on our group. Speaking of group, I might create a special group for English speaking members if the DN faction will have international players. Fun, isn’t it?

YES, I do intend to make THIS OtakuHouse the better OtakuHouse because we were the original one. This has been an issue since 2012 and I’m holding on to my words. OtakuHouse Guild of Grand Chase [guild proper in GCPH and page in FB] was formed earlier, before yet another OtakuHouse appeared. But it was in DNSEA. I don’t know why, and how – but one thing’s for sure: OtakuHousePH will create a BLAST in DN. Mwahahaha XD


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