Kirito-chan, on Vacation. Again. XD

Don’t fret, just yet! no pink cat

It’s just a small break from invading Dragon Nest, and I’m back updating my blogs. Yes, plural form: BLOGS. I have to post my reviews in Imperfect Resemblance, my pictures in Niji no Arika and my lyrics in Strawberry Lines. And of course, the profiles here in OtakuHouse. I’m one busy body; sorry if I won’t flirt with Irine at the moment. cry pink cat

And I do believe that it’s kinda hard invading DN at this rate. No, I’m not whining. I just realized that it’s pretty difficult talking to some snobbish unfriendly persons in this world. There are amiable, yes, but not all. And sometimes, even if you talk to them using a perfect English, they still won’t understand you. Guess what, English isn’t their mother tongue either. jgm pink cat Just imagine that.

And my ladies are leveling pretty fast as well. Like what Kei noted to me, exp (experience) is exp; you explore higher dungeons, you get more experience – the higher your level goes. I kind of did that to my cute Lancea today and I wasn’t disappointed. I really wanted her to visit Saint Haven and go get a splash on the hot spring, right at this moment. Wait, I’m thinking of something bad to my character, how could me? shy pink cat Okay, Irine is enough. At the moment. self hit milk bottle

Also, welcome to my newest character, a Warrior!!

Name's KonaKirito, Westwood server.
Name’s KonaKirito, Westwood server.

Just want to explore more of the characters other than what I’m usually using. I’m this obsess to the assassin and academic classes [adding the lancea to this addiction] that I totally forgot that there are more characters available. shy pink cat So I’m kinda breaking out of this obsession. Woo, congratulations ~~~~ laugh pink cat

New Picture (1)

Just imagine how Haiyan-chan will enjoy the waters of the hot spring in Saint Haven ~ smile milk bottle


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