Kirito Updates! <3

ballerina crazy rabbit

At last!!! Finally!!! Haiyan has visited Saint Haven! And finally had a splash on the hot spring! I see no pantsu, why? ToT

And I’ve only done it for merely two hours of leveling up ~ Amazing.

Meanwhile, I haven’t made the other guild generals’ pages public because of certain reasons. Yes, they’re all image-less, and everything’s saved as drafts at the moment. They’ll be available in a short while; knowing your Guild Manager he’s always… slacking off wandering around. Or flirting with some sorceress in Lotus Marsh.

New Picture_zpsd89339il

Golly, even though DN SEA is my current HQ, I feel so useless to the guild. crazy monkey 002 No, not to mention that I am in fact, the lowest leveled member, and yet I’m a Vice Guild Leader. And I haven’t tried recruiting. See? I’m useless. crazy monkey 029

Kill me. crazy monkey 021 [Trolling…]


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