OtakuHouse Guild, Resurrecting

Have you heard the news?

You haven’t?


Well, if you haven’t, then you’re nowhere in the shores of the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

The news is everywhere my friend; spreading like a computer virus in all of the nations. Words are jumping from one mouth to another; places are filled with whispers and mumbles of each and every Chaser who is more than ACHING to again yield the swords, bows, wands, gauntlets, chamra, eyeteeths, grandarks, fans, axes, hammers, soul takers — all of the possible weapons the knights have used in the battle.

We yearned for more entertainment, we yearned for more adventure. The fun wasn’t enough. WE NEED MORE.

And so, the Chase continues…


Special thanks to that creative team that will be creating our next wonderland – PEOPLE, OHG’s headquarters will remain in Grand Chase, I’ve said that in my previous post. And we shall continue living in this chaotic world. Eternally.

*Not to mention that my Facebook notifications are oh so full of OHG group notifs. It has been a long time since then. XD


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Seriously in love with Kaji Yuuki; Tachibana Makoto's stalker; anime + manga otaku; gamer; seiyuuphile; opportunist seme + bada$$ uke; yandere/tsundere.

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