About OtakuHouse

GCPH [Grand Chase Philippines] was an online RPG game that was trending in the Philippines and where we started. Founded by iRinnel last June 26, 2012, this GCPH guild is not only an in-game guild but an organization built by anime/manga lovers for anime/manga lovers.

We started with a pretty small number but with over 50 members as of September 2012, it has become a daffy and crazy party of anime addicts and lovers mingling with only one reason: Our love and fondness of anime.

So far, we have made factions in other online games like Elsword, Aura KingdomDragon Nest SEA and Clash of Clans. This is somewhat an achievement we are so proud of. Seek for us and join our quests ~


7 thoughts on “About OtakuHouse”

      1. Arigatou! :3
        I shall inform you right away as soon as I need them. ^__^

    1. Do i really need to have a GC account to join cause I don’t have any, I only have DN account

      1. Unfortunately, GC server has been closed in our country, and OHG is available on our locality as of the moment. I also have DN account, but beforehand, let me remind you that the OtakuHouse in DN is NOT a faction of ours. Our DN guild is called OtakuHousePH [or so they called, I’m not sure. I’m not a member of it yet.

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