OtakuHouse Guild, Resurrecting

Have you heard the news?

You haven’t?


Well, if you haven’t, then you’re nowhere in the shores of the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

The news is everywhere my friend; spreading like a computer virus in all of the nations. Words are jumping from one mouth to another; places are filled with whispers and mumbles of each and every Chaser who is more than ACHING to again yield the swords, bows, wands, gauntlets, chamra, eyeteeths, grandarks, fans, axes, hammers, soul takers — all of the possible weapons the knights have used in the battle.

We yearned for more entertainment, we yearned for more adventure. The fun wasn’t enough. WE NEED MORE.

And so, the Chase continues…


Special thanks to that creative team that will be creating our next wonderland – PEOPLE, OHG’s headquarters will remain in Grand Chase, I’ve said that in my previous post. And we shall continue living in this chaotic world. Eternally.

*Not to mention that my Facebook notifications are oh so full of OHG group notifs. It has been a long time since then. XD


It has been a wonderful two years, Grand Chase Philippines.

June 26, 2012.

This date is memorable, not only to me but to our Guild Head Rell as well, since this was the day when OtakuHouse Guild within the world of the online game we have known as Grand Chase was born. We started out small, inviting and recruiting strangers and otakus to make our little group grow. We didn’t aim to become the best in GC. We’ve always believed that every otaku should deserve a community where they wouldn’t experiences any indifference from other people, make them mingle with their fellow otaku, level-up with the aid of their kind guild mates and officers — all of them happened inside Grand Chase.

Grand Chase isn’t the first online I’ve played but to be very honest, this is the first game I have spend LOTS just for my characters’ fashion. I mean, I didn’t care if my Sniper colored so weirdly in RO – changing colors in Ragnarok is cashless and through zeny – or if my boylet in Audition looked so boring. But when it comes to Jin, oh boy, I couldn’t imagine anymore. This is also the first game wherein I found a guild that became not just an ordinary in-game guild but also became so attached to me, I really feel that OHG is a community I can be proud of — I am its co-founder anyway!

In Grand Chase, I fell in love with its characters. At once. To the point that I have played with them all. I must admit, I haven’t tried becoming a merchant in RO – I feel that it’s a troublesome job so I haven’t created a character out of it. But in Grand Chase, I even enjoyed playing with Lass, especially his first (Thief) job, when I hated his character at first. I have all of the characters (excluding Lime, Azin and Edel) changed jobs until the fourth; I maintained balance playing with them so no character could be left out [except that I was SO OBSESSED with Jin, Sieghart and Luxus that they leveled up first before anyone else -_-]; I even planned on spending ALL of my TIME and some bucks this coming Holiday season just to compensate the absences I had in the past year I haven’t played with them.

And then Level-Up Games Philippines had to crush my hopes with an announcement that Grand Chase PH will be no more. This is probably the most damaging news I have received this year. Or maybe I am just disappointed. I have heard rumors months ago that GCPH would definitely be closing but I just kept my hopes up and believed in LU that they wouldn’t do it. In the end, here I am, ranting about this darn thing while everyone else has merged accounts with NAGC.

Now that the game I have loved so much for years is about to bid farewell, it really hurts my heart. Unlike the console games I have finished, I believe that I haven’t accomplished anything inside GC. But like the famous quote says: LIFE MUST GO ON. I might miss my Jin, Sieghart and Luxus, and the other characters I have unlocked and purchased but maybe someday I might be able to play with them again. In another space and time, I guess. In times like this, we really have to be optimistic or we’ll end up insane won’t we?

And besides, it’s only “bye bye Grand Chase” — the other factions that OtakuHouse built outside GC are still alive so yeah, the show must go on!

So far, since Rell is leading the faction in Aura Kingdom we’ll evacuate there, making it our newest main faction while the other factions are running active and alive as well. I’m lingering more in Dragon Nest, though (I haven’t become a member of our faction there yet so I cannot provide any information from it as of now) and probably I’ll come back fully in-game this coming December so please watch out for more OHG updates and news from this blog.

Once again:
It has been a wonderful two years with you Grand Chase. Our guild we’ll never grow up like this without you. We have participated in games and events, gained respect and allies, met and lost people, loved our craft more.

Thank you, for you have become our battlefields, our meeting place, our second home.

Thank you.

See you again next time, Chasers ~

Mata ne ~


Thumbs up for the ones who edited these wonderful images. And thank you, C2, for keeping me alive tonight.

GC-Related Articles to be Published Soon

Our Anime Reviews are discontinued due to my indefinite hiatus [same with Anime and Manga Recommendations in our Facebook page] but I’ll definitely resurrect it back… when my schedule’s forgiving. ^^

But as our second anniversary gets near, I decided to make a survey about GC characters. And it was a successful one. These surveys will be posted here, some time in the near future. Yes, definitely. Not next month. Not next year. Not in the next five, ten or twenty years. Just in the near future. ::evil grins::

And why Shizuo x Izaya on the featured image? Well, I missed them. :3

Click this: Kiseki – Orihara Izaya (Kamiya Hiroshi) and Heiwajima Shizuo (Ono Daisuke)

Event: It’s RIN, the AVATAR !! With the loli fairy …

Prologue: As we all know, KeitaKunxx left OtakuHouse Guild, leaving his position as one of the sub-leaders empty. I have announced that we’ll be appointing a new sub-leader if the other existing officers meet the requirements. So far, none of them passed so the spot for the third sub-leader will be on-hold.

Oh my gosh, I’m still LAZY to update everything here: the guild stats, the guild generals, the member list— ARG! ><

Main Feature: Oh, oh! Rin’s 4th job finally reached GrandChase Philippines !!AHHA

And as years pass by, job change requirements have become easier and easier… unlike in the second and third season =__= What’s with these people, giving the newbies a better treatment than us, pioneers? =___=

But to be honest, it’s also better this way. At least, I’ll make my Lime level-up as easy as dusting my pants XD [Yeah, I bought a Lime SO LATE >__. I got her for P300… unlike in the event, she’s only P10 !! P290 difference, tsk. *looks at wallet* Sniffs.]


Another wallet-ripping items yet the ones every cash player has been waiting for: AVATARS ! [No, no, not Rin’s foruth job xD]

Since this week’s event is about pirates, so should the new avatar items. It looks nice, isn’t it?

And finally, the one that Dancho [my co-admin in a GrandChase Facebook group] has been complaining about:


She’s BACK !! The loli yellow fairy of Grand Chase Tinkerbell ! XD Nothing has changed to her since her last event but the thing is, the avatar is now PER CHARACTER (and it used to be for all characters).
Hmm? WHO WANTS HER AS AN AVATAR ANYWAY; WE WANT A NEW PET CARD !! XD Unfortunately, gathering flowers is as hard as your Arithmetic homework. The pirates [the ones that have the flowers] are NOT always in a dungeon that you’ll run; the same thing like on Monster Train [where you should slay the Golden Slime to get a Golden Ticket as a toll going to the special Boss Monster. But the Golden Slime SELDOM appeared.]

If you think running dungeon will just make you bored, you can buy flowers instead ! XD However, the package (10 pcs. of Tinkerbell’s flowers) costs P50 !! Each costs P5 ! =___=
You’ll need P500 for a new pet card.
Bright side: At least, you’ll get a new pet.

So much to complain about, but we love Grand Chase, don’t we? :3
And whatever the events are, we’ll still go patronize them HAHA

Photo credits: Grand Chase Philippines site. :3

So it means I could still sleep? :3

Since it’s a BIG event [Act 2 for the much awaited new season called Rebirth— no no, not Heroes xD], servers will all be available at 3:00PM; as I type this, it’s four hours more. WTF?! (¬_¬)

So what’s in store in this huge event? Hmm… 4th skill AMP bar, HAHAHA. But rumo rhas it that it’s in cash [oh boy, I just purchased a lovely Asin and look, another pocket-wrecking event, tsk] but this week, it has a GP mission for a limited time and you’ll still run for a mission. Busy busy busy xDD

Next, new User Interface (UI).

Neat. :D
It has improved, AT LAST. xD

And then, there’s a new avatar Blue Mariner.

They’re such good people, giving non-cash players to experience having their characters avatars, even for a day. TwT

Can’t wait to see these improvements… but it’s still four hours. I can still sleep.
ヾ( ̄0 ̄; )ノ


MP4 and Special MP4 Skill Quests and Level Requirements

MP4 Bar Quest
GP – Defeat 260 Monsters +2 ~ -2 of your Level

Cash – 1 GemSpecial MP4 Skill Quest
GP – Defeat 800 Monsters +2 ~ -2 of your level
Cash – 1 GemLevel Requirements
1st Job MP4 = Lv 15
2nd Job MP4 = Lv 35
3rd Job MP4 = Lv 55
4th Job MP4 = Lv 75

AP MP4 = None

Side Note
Di pwede pag sabay sabayin ang pag Quest

Quest MP4 Bar
Quest Special MP4 Skill
= Not Allowed

you have to do it 1 at a TIME :3

Grand Chase photos courtesy of Grand Chase Philippines via Level-Up.
Update quoted from Kira.