Kirito Updates! <3

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At last!!! Finally!!! Haiyan has visited Saint Haven! And finally had a splash on the hot spring! I see no pantsu, why? ToT

And I’ve only done it for merely two hours of leveling up ~ Amazing.

Meanwhile, I haven’t made the other guild generals’ pages public because of certain reasons. Yes, they’re all image-less, and everything’s saved as drafts at the moment. They’ll be available in a short while; knowing your Guild Manager he’s always… slacking off wandering around. Or flirting with some sorceress in Lotus Marsh.

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Golly, even though DN SEA is my current HQ, I feel so useless to the guild. crazy monkey 002 No, not to mention that I am in fact, the lowest leveled member, and yet I’m a Vice Guild Leader. And I haven’t tried recruiting. See? I’m useless. crazy monkey 029

Kill me. crazy monkey 021 [Trolling…]


Kirito-chan, on Vacation. Again. XD

Don’t fret, just yet! no pink cat

It’s just a small break from invading Dragon Nest, and I’m back updating my blogs. Yes, plural form: BLOGS. I have to post my reviews in Imperfect Resemblance, my pictures in Niji no Arika and my lyrics in Strawberry Lines. And of course, the profiles here in OtakuHouse. I’m one busy body; sorry if I won’t flirt with Irine at the moment. cry pink cat

And I do believe that it’s kinda hard invading DN at this rate. No, I’m not whining. I just realized that it’s pretty difficult talking to some snobbish unfriendly persons in this world. There are amiable, yes, but not all. And sometimes, even if you talk to them using a perfect English, they still won’t understand you. Guess what, English isn’t their mother tongue either. jgm pink cat Just imagine that.

And my ladies are leveling pretty fast as well. Like what Kei noted to me, exp (experience) is exp; you explore higher dungeons, you get more experience – the higher your level goes. I kind of did that to my cute Lancea today and I wasn’t disappointed. I really wanted her to visit Saint Haven and go get a splash on the hot spring, right at this moment. Wait, I’m thinking of something bad to my character, how could me? shy pink cat Okay, Irine is enough. At the moment. self hit milk bottle

Also, welcome to my newest character, a Warrior!!

Name's KonaKirito, Westwood server.
Name’s KonaKirito, Westwood server.

Just want to explore more of the characters other than what I’m usually using. I’m this obsess to the assassin and academic classes [adding the lancea to this addiction] that I totally forgot that there are more characters available. shy pink cat So I’m kinda breaking out of this obsession. Woo, congratulations ~~~~ laugh pink cat

New Picture (1)

Just imagine how Haiyan-chan will enjoy the waters of the hot spring in Saint Haven ~ smile milk bottle

Anime reviews, lyrics and whatnot? Try this instead.

This is Kirito / Kona-chan, the sole admin of this guild blog and just for a very wonderful announcement:

Instead here, all of the reviews will now be posted on my personal blog. Not that I’ll abandon this and linger there. I just want to organize my blogs properly this time and that is why every anime review will now be posted there. Actually, I have already posted some.

Please do continue supporting OHG in the future!

What’s new with OHG?


Yes, everyone’s busy with CoC lately, and that’s where OHG shines as of now. I’m just happy that everyone’s still active despite the slooooooooooow activities within the guild recently. No upcoming events, no new members, idle officers [including me] and members…

BUT we’re still having fun. Even if we’ve lost GC, we still have other games. Although I can’t understand why I’m still not part of the faction in Dragon Nest SEA… well, anyway.

I’m HAPPY; don’t misunderstand it okay? xD

Oh wel...

My own blog’s getting more commercialized now xD

Ever since I edited my home blog, it has more readers than I expected. And so, I’ll linger there more from now on MWAHAHAHAHA xDD

But don’t cry, ladies and gents. OHG is still has on-going events that I don’t know of, but once I’ve learned everything I’d share them with you, okay? :3

Now, wanna see my personal blog?

WARNING: It’s sporadic things so if you’re an organized person you’d surely loathe for being such a random person. xD

OHG is no longer the guild it used to be…

Imperfect Resemblance

It’ll be three years this year, since my good friend Rell established OtakuHouse Guild, a guild he created in Grand Chase Philippines (GCPH) last 2012. It was fun in the first year; recruiting and meeting different kinds of characters and players were the greatest parts of it. Some of these kids are still in the guild, to my surprise. They’re still active, in playing other online games now, though. But imagine, they created factions for our guild in those games just for them not to leave. Amazing isn’t it?

That’s the happy part. The sad part is it’s not the way it used to be. Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate that we have so many new members, and it’s a good sign that we’re still alive, despite the end of Grand Chase server in the Philippines. And yes, I know that it’s my fault for not really showing up…

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R-18: BUSY with my personal blog recently

WARNING: I’ve used LOTS of abusive words here. Minors, GET LOST!


Yep, and it has been for days. And still it’s not fixed so no one should dare access that.

By the way, while typing this I’m listening to a very good cd. But nope, it’s not music. It’s a BLCD. BL-CD. Guess what is that all about. Well, it’s a CD full of wonderful things, including luscious erotic scenes of beautiful boys making love. WHOAH! That’s so direct, did you seen that coming?!

It’s just a matter of minutes before the sun could say, “Good morning!” and here I am, giggling and blushing all to myself. I might go raid some food in the convenience store – wait, isn’t that fellatio, Kajikaji?! (I’m getting so distracted with what’s happening on my headphones!) d(=///////=)b

Oh yeah, about this CD. It’s the seventh installation for the series I’ve been trailing for years with a title Anata wa Taida de Yuuga and it starred my one and only Kaji Yuuki!! (And he’s  the uke here) Golly, he sounded so horny here. On top of that, he’s speaking Kansai-ben!!!! ::dies::


Okay, fine. I’m totally occupied. Be back later.


Since this is a sequel to Shinayaka na Netsujou series, to completely become an equal to the Miki Shinichirou x Kamiya Hiroshi level of sexiness, Tattsun and Kajikaji did their best to be as horny as the previous pairing. And it was good. It was a good feeling falling in love with Kajikaji once again.

Okay, something’s uncomfortable right now.