Guild Faction in Dragon Nest SEA – Invaded

Finally, after those countless attempts and failures, I became a member of our DNSEA faction and I am so happy ~ Only 70% though, because my main (Assassin) is on the other server while our faction server is in Westwood. Bummer, I know. But I’m currently using an Alchemist (KajiKona) and a Lancea (MistHaiyan) there. Haha, IGNs provided, ADD ME UP folks!!! xD

And for the updates: Since I’ve becoming more and more active recently, I also used this very crucial spare time to update the ENTIRE blog. As you can see, we have a new and better theme. And a new Guild Officer page, wherein you can see and read ALL of the officers, pioneers and faction leaders’ profiles and official Facebook pages. Aren’t I so happy about it? XDD Everything’s pretty private now, though. But my page is accessible at the moment ~

And last, but not the least, I think I should say this: Despite Grand Chase being dead and all done, I’m still considering it as our main home. That’s where we started, and we’ll eventually continue loving and supporting this game. So whenever I’ll post anything guild-related, it’ll be full of Grand Chase things. I missed those GC days. But, life goes on, folks. 1623327_10203535729584919_1884767034456001184_n I had fun leveling up in DN. And that’s my main headquarters from now on. Rell will be seen in Clash of Clans; famishou is inactive, same with Saichi (I think). Our newly appointed sub-leaders are all active and happy – RJ is with dancho while Kei’s leading both Elsword and DN factions in place of Fame and John respectively.

And what about the rest of the gang? They’re all happy, and gay [no no, not my favorite genre guys xD] and you’ll see us daffy on our group. Speaking of group, I might create a special group for English speaking members if the DN faction will have international players. Fun, isn’t it?

YES, I do intend to make THIS OtakuHouse the better OtakuHouse because we were the original one. This has been an issue since 2012 and I’m holding on to my words. OtakuHouse Guild of Grand Chase [guild proper in GCPH and page in FB] was formed earlier, before yet another OtakuHouse appeared. But it was in DNSEA. I don’t know why, and how – but one thing’s for sure: OtakuHousePH will create a BLAST in DN. Mwahahaha XD


More and MORE factions arise!! IKE, OHG!!! xDD

It has been a fierce battle ever since. Between my real-life and netizen life, that is. And since that’s the case, I’ve been happily slacking off; I have NO solid no hands-on on the guild [which makes me a sloppy manager after all] and while I was gone, more and MORE factions were created. Just showing to you guys that we’re converging as an anime organization, and not just your ordinary anime guild. MWAHAHAHAHA. (And I am just that happily clueless, just so you know.)

13878_762038077152240_1988534791486346680_n 10303815_614351715345659_3674972120517502271_n 10542976_1449610748652111_5831291247729096879_nI have included random pictures. And I don’t know from where they are though.

After the main faction in Grand Chase weakened, I have seen more activity in Aura Kingdom and the newly built faction in Onigiri NA, which was established by our pioneer |Yuno. Not to mention that we have [FINALLY] successfully invaded Dragon Nest SEA (and naming in OHG PH, meaning OtakuHouse Guild Philippines) just recently, thanks to Blackweapon. And if I’m not mistaken, another faction was made inside League of Legends [LoL], although I haven’t informed formally about this. And a guild sempai was the one who created it. See? We’re merging. AND I’m just that clueless.

Our page have decreased activeness too. But slowly, I am reviving the Anime and Manga Recommendation posts, which I have re-started with Akame ga Kill the last time.

akame ga killThis rocks! HELP!!!

I’ll also include a pool of throwback anime titles that otakus have and will always love, including Zenki and Time Quest. Er, am I the only one who remembers these two? (O__O;;

And about this blog? Hmm… So far, one thing is assured:
By the end of September, it’ll be more active unlike in the recent months.

I know, I know. It’s now dead and boring.

Wait for its resurrection. :3

About the featured image [above]
Well, as everyone knows, 2014 is again invaded by Sword Art Online 2. And it’s all because of this delicious gun-wielding babe. Yeah, forget about Kirito and his moe-like avatar and just focus on the Hecate owner.
OH, Sinon! I LOVE YOU!!!
[obviously cheating against Asuna]

Aired every Saturday night, so catch the subbed ones every Sunday. :3

Initial Changes applied!

As you can see, the Guild Generals list has disappeared from “About OtakuHouse”. It is due to the fact that I can’t edit the entire list yet. I haven’t recovered from the impact of seeing our precious line-up collapsing right before my eyes so I feel so lazy editing it. Besides, I haven’t found out the rookie officers’ main characters for me to start my hands working on those edits.

And oh, by the way. in Facebook, you’ll meet yet another Yuuri Kirito and I wonder why. Am I getting famous all of the sudden? xDD

I’ll just post a better blog the next time. =__=

Event: It’s RIN, the AVATAR !! With the loli fairy …

Prologue: As we all know, KeitaKunxx left OtakuHouse Guild, leaving his position as one of the sub-leaders empty. I have announced that we’ll be appointing a new sub-leader if the other existing officers meet the requirements. So far, none of them passed so the spot for the third sub-leader will be on-hold.

Oh my gosh, I’m still LAZY to update everything here: the guild stats, the guild generals, the member list— ARG! ><

Main Feature: Oh, oh! Rin’s 4th job finally reached GrandChase Philippines !!AHHA

And as years pass by, job change requirements have become easier and easier… unlike in the second and third season =__= What’s with these people, giving the newbies a better treatment than us, pioneers? =___=

But to be honest, it’s also better this way. At least, I’ll make my Lime level-up as easy as dusting my pants XD [Yeah, I bought a Lime SO LATE >__. I got her for P300… unlike in the event, she’s only P10 !! P290 difference, tsk. *looks at wallet* Sniffs.]


Another wallet-ripping items yet the ones every cash player has been waiting for: AVATARS ! [No, no, not Rin’s foruth job xD]

Since this week’s event is about pirates, so should the new avatar items. It looks nice, isn’t it?

And finally, the one that Dancho [my co-admin in a GrandChase Facebook group] has been complaining about:


She’s BACK !! The loli yellow fairy of Grand Chase Tinkerbell ! XD Nothing has changed to her since her last event but the thing is, the avatar is now PER CHARACTER (and it used to be for all characters).
Hmm? WHO WANTS HER AS AN AVATAR ANYWAY; WE WANT A NEW PET CARD !! XD Unfortunately, gathering flowers is as hard as your Arithmetic homework. The pirates [the ones that have the flowers] are NOT always in a dungeon that you’ll run; the same thing like on Monster Train [where you should slay the Golden Slime to get a Golden Ticket as a toll going to the special Boss Monster. But the Golden Slime SELDOM appeared.]

If you think running dungeon will just make you bored, you can buy flowers instead ! XD However, the package (10 pcs. of Tinkerbell’s flowers) costs P50 !! Each costs P5 ! =___=
You’ll need P500 for a new pet card.
Bright side: At least, you’ll get a new pet.

So much to complain about, but we love Grand Chase, don’t we? :3
And whatever the events are, we’ll still go patronize them HAHA

Photo credits: Grand Chase Philippines site. :3

Guild Sempai to be added

As all otaku know, in Japanese schools superiority and status are important; sempai must be respected by their kouhai [that sometimes results into bullying and riots but that is another story]. In OtakuHouse Guild, we also practice respect which is one of the most important foundation for an organization to continue existing.

Guild Leader and other guild generals are the highest members of this organization. But, aside from these officers, we also consider our pioneer members as an important pillar because of their priceless loyalty to us. With these, they gain the utmost respect like the guild generals receive from ordinary members.

But starting today, we are now having “guild sempais”. These guild sempais may not have any position like a general or a pillar-like support like a pioneer but they deserve much respect like a general and a pioneer. For me they will become the likely “onii-chan” and “onee-chan” to their fellow members and newbies in the absence of the officers. They will become the rod of discipline when a certain member violates any guild rule.  They will stand up as role models; a charm that our Guild Leader can be proud of.

To be a guild sempai, all you have to do is to observe the guild rules, be active and friendly to all others. Also, you must have been a member of the guild for 6 consecutive months.

The list of the newly promoted Guild Sempais will be added shortly after I have updated the fresher guild members master list.