OtakuHouse Guild Generals

We aren’t the strongest, the greatest, the most formidable and the most terrifying players of this world. We’re just happy to mingle with fellow otakus, but we’re quite a big community and we needed officers to keep order, right?

Since 2012, we’ve been appointing different people, and not all have stayed loyally, and faithfully. Some had really have to leave, some have “betrayed” us and most of them just disappeared, just like that. Despite it all, there are still some who faithfully stayed on our side – through ups and downs, thick and thin, rough and smooth. And I am thankful to these folks who keep on supporting this guild we’ve built, which we can call our second home.

editing 22The Gods and The Goddess: Main Officials

Guild Founders

Rell Kirisaki
Guild Founder since 2012

Konata Kamijou
Guild Co-founder and Manager

Guild Sub-Leaders

Fame Remilla
Former Sub-Leader in Grand Chase and former Faction Leader in Elsword; our kawaii Goddess ~

Kei Oyamat
Newly appointed Sub-Leader and Elsword Faction Leader; an effective Faction Support for Dragon Nest SEA

cropped-sf6asno1.pngOHG Hall of Fame: The Pioneers

Keith Gasai
Former Sub-Leader in Grand Chase main faction; a mid-range expert

Izumi Ichiro
Former Sub-Leader in Grand Chase main faction; melee is his expertise

Saichinoko Rosem
Page Administrator since 2013.

Hirano Kohta
Former Guild Officer in Grand Chase main faction; an effective long range examiner

Benjie Llamas
Former Guild Officer in Grand Chase main faction; also served as a Guild Sempai

Jhep Rodrigo
Former Guild Officer in Grand Chase main faction; a graduate of the Guild Sempai

Emperors of War: The Faction Leaders

Yumiki Legaspi
Currently leading the Aura Kingdom faction in place of Rell.

April John Castro
The one that established Dragon Nest SEA faction; currently inactive and is temporarily replaced by Kei.

img_detail3Pillars of Support: Guild Sempais

Refer to our home/group page on how to become one.