OHG is no longer the guild it used to be…

Imperfect Resemblance

It’ll be three years this year, since my good friend Rell established OtakuHouse Guild, a guild he created in Grand Chase Philippines (GCPH) last 2012. It was fun in the first year; recruiting and meeting different kinds of characters and players were the greatest parts of it. Some of these kids are still in the guild, to my surprise. They’re still active, in playing other online games now, though. But imagine, they created factions for our guild in those games just for them not to leave. Amazing isn’t it?

That’s the happy part. The sad part is it’s not the way it used to be. Don’t get me wrong: I appreciate that we have so many new members, and it’s a good sign that we’re still alive, despite the end of Grand Chase server in the Philippines. And yes, I know that it’s my fault for not really showing up…

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R-18: BUSY with my personal blog recently

WARNING: I’ve used LOTS of abusive words here. Minors, GET LOST!


Yep, and it has been for days. And still it’s not fixed so no one should dare access that.

By the way, while typing this I’m listening to a very good cd. But nope, it’s not music. It’s a BLCD. BL-CD. Guess what is that all about. Well, it’s a CD full of wonderful things, including luscious erotic scenes of beautiful boys making love. WHOAH! That’s so direct, did you seen that coming?!

It’s just a matter of minutes before the sun could say, “Good morning!” and here I am, giggling and blushing all to myself. I might go raid some food in the convenience store – wait, isn’t that fellatio, Kajikaji?! (I’m getting so distracted with what’s happening on my headphones!) d(=///////=)b

Oh yeah, about this CD. It’s the seventh installation for the series I’ve been trailing for years with a title Anata wa Taida de Yuuga and it starred my one and only Kaji Yuuki!! (And he’s  the uke here) Golly, he sounded so horny here. On top of that, he’s speaking Kansai-ben!!!! ::dies::


Okay, fine. I’m totally occupied. Be back later.


Since this is a sequel to Shinayaka na Netsujou series, to completely become an equal to the Miki Shinichirou x Kamiya Hiroshi level of sexiness, Tattsun and Kajikaji did their best to be as horny as the previous pairing. And it was good. It was a good feeling falling in love with Kajikaji once again.

Okay, something’s uncomfortable right now.


Long Live The Chase!!!

Click to see: Long Live The Chase

It’s official: Grand Chase servers will all be closed. Locked up. Trashed. Doomed forever. Our beloved game will now eternally sleep along with its mysteries, glory and fame [not the guild princess, okay?]. We’ve expected this, right? The moment they [I don’t know “them” but it’s them] decided to close “some” of the servers including Philippines, we’ve known that it won’t take long until the domino takes effect. And see? After all those happy __ (input the years you enjoyed GC here) years you’ve invested in this lovely game, they’d just go and kill our happiness and our precious characters too – not to mention that I NEVER enjoyed Veigas and Uno for my beloved Jin’s sake. This is really fun; utterly ridiculous.

Why is this happened? I mean, there’s no wrong in the game, the story, the characters (despite my guildmates and I avidly shipping “happy BL pairs” – never mind), THE ENTIRE ONLINE GAME ITSELF. It doesn’t deserve this kind of idiocy! Just imagine the hard days we endured to level them up – and how many are they? 20. Hear that? TWENTY! (minus 2 because Veigas and Uno didn’t make it in the Philippine shores, at least), almost didn’t eat properly because we just couldn’t leave the damn pc since we’re in a fierce PVP, purchased gorgeous gachas despite its luxurious price just to make our characters strong – and they’d just shut it down, thank the community for the support and THAT’S IT?! I’m not angry, dude. Just explaining things. But I just can’t believe that I’ve exerted effort, spent my bucks and even cut my classes when I was in college just to play Grand Chase and just look at its glory, beautifully fading before my eyes. This is really, really, a ridiculous thing to rant about.

But what can we do? Even the Korean server itself would bid us farewell, earlier than the other servers. There are reasons, I know. We all know that.

Seeing the people complain about it, it makes me wonder no more. It’s painful. The moment we saw the news that it’s gonna be the end of it, we’re all shocked. Hurt.

It’s just a game to anyone else. A fantasy built for PC. But didn’t we invested something on it out of reality? We made friends there; enemies, allies, even some couples met there. On my part, I found what I call a family in Grand Chase. My friendship with Rell started there. Our guild was born there. Asuna and I somewhat became a couple there. I met those fun people because of Grand Chase. I enjoyed playing online games again because of Grand Chase. Grand Chase told me that you perceive, you’ll succeed (in leveling Jin from Fighter up to being Rama in a short span of time, yes). Grand Chase has been a part of me since I joined this community of players that are now in agony because GC will no longer be there.

But at least we were able to experience one hell of a joyride, yes? Fighting monsters with a party or guildmates, roaming dungeons with the rookies who didn’t know the way around, settling scores with other guilds, sparring with the most talented players not only in our country but with the rest of the world, meeting the best people at what you consider, your best place — say, how could I rant now? I’ve been a player of GC and WILL ALWAYS PROUD as a Chaser. It’s still a part of me, of our guild, of everyone else who show great passion for this wonderful game.

Grand Chase will forever be Grand Chase. Long live the Chase!! (I almost said All Hail Grand Chase. But why not? :3)

Hashtag it, and share your love for this crazy MMORPG that we’ll miss forever!

This image coming from NAGC’s official Facebook page

Credits to the one who edited my featured image.
Link thanks to NAGC’s official site.

If you think we’ve died along GCPH, think again.

It’s sad that we are about to wave farewell to the online game where we started. It really breaks my heart – up until now – that I will never be able to play with my Jin, Sieg and Luxus. Not to mention the cash I’ve wasted for the rings and such. Well, that’s life. Nothing’s permanent in this world anyway. As long as new and better online games keep on coming, we’ll go play with it, to the point that we left the previous games behind. It’s all inevitable, and all we need to do is to cope with the changes.

But here’s the thing. With GCPH’s demise, most of our members have accessed NAGC, which is, I think, the international version of Grand Chase (about this, I am not sure). And sooner or later, we’ll go invade there. xDD See? We’ll really do anything and everything just to make sure we have marked all of the games around the net. XDD

There will be more details about this in a few days.


It has been a wonderful two years, Grand Chase Philippines.

June 26, 2012.

This date is memorable, not only to me but to our Guild Head Rell as well, since this was the day when OtakuHouse Guild within the world of the online game we have known as Grand Chase was born. We started out small, inviting and recruiting strangers and otakus to make our little group grow. We didn’t aim to become the best in GC. We’ve always believed that every otaku should deserve a community where they wouldn’t experiences any indifference from other people, make them mingle with their fellow otaku, level-up with the aid of their kind guild mates and officers — all of them happened inside Grand Chase.

Grand Chase isn’t the first online I’ve played but to be very honest, this is the first game I have spend LOTS just for my characters’ fashion. I mean, I didn’t care if my Sniper colored so weirdly in RO – changing colors in Ragnarok is cashless and through zeny – or if my boylet in Audition looked so boring. But when it comes to Jin, oh boy, I couldn’t imagine anymore. This is also the first game wherein I found a guild that became not just an ordinary in-game guild but also became so attached to me, I really feel that OHG is a community I can be proud of — I am its co-founder anyway!

In Grand Chase, I fell in love with its characters. At once. To the point that I have played with them all. I must admit, I haven’t tried becoming a merchant in RO – I feel that it’s a troublesome job so I haven’t created a character out of it. But in Grand Chase, I even enjoyed playing with Lass, especially his first (Thief) job, when I hated his character at first. I have all of the characters (excluding Lime, Azin and Edel) changed jobs until the fourth; I maintained balance playing with them so no character could be left out [except that I was SO OBSESSED with Jin, Sieghart and Luxus that they leveled up first before anyone else -_-]; I even planned on spending ALL of my TIME and some bucks this coming Holiday season just to compensate the absences I had in the past year I haven’t played with them.

And then Level-Up Games Philippines had to crush my hopes with an announcement that Grand Chase PH will be no more. This is probably the most damaging news I have received this year. Or maybe I am just disappointed. I have heard rumors months ago that GCPH would definitely be closing but I just kept my hopes up and believed in LU that they wouldn’t do it. In the end, here I am, ranting about this darn thing while everyone else has merged accounts with NAGC.

Now that the game I have loved so much for years is about to bid farewell, it really hurts my heart. Unlike the console games I have finished, I believe that I haven’t accomplished anything inside GC. But like the famous quote says: LIFE MUST GO ON. I might miss my Jin, Sieghart and Luxus, and the other characters I have unlocked and purchased but maybe someday I might be able to play with them again. In another space and time, I guess. In times like this, we really have to be optimistic or we’ll end up insane won’t we?

And besides, it’s only “bye bye Grand Chase” — the other factions that OtakuHouse built outside GC are still alive so yeah, the show must go on!

So far, since Rell is leading the faction in Aura Kingdom we’ll evacuate there, making it our newest main faction while the other factions are running active and alive as well. I’m lingering more in Dragon Nest, though (I haven’t become a member of our faction there yet so I cannot provide any information from it as of now) and probably I’ll come back fully in-game this coming December so please watch out for more OHG updates and news from this blog.

Once again:
It has been a wonderful two years with you Grand Chase. Our guild we’ll never grow up like this without you. We have participated in games and events, gained respect and allies, met and lost people, loved our craft more.

Thank you, for you have become our battlefields, our meeting place, our second home.

Thank you.

See you again next time, Chasers ~

Mata ne ~


Thumbs up for the ones who edited these wonderful images. And thank you, C2, for keeping me alive tonight.

More and MORE factions arise!! IKE, OHG!!! xDD

It has been a fierce battle ever since. Between my real-life and netizen life, that is. And since that’s the case, I’ve been happily slacking off; I have NO solid no hands-on on the guild [which makes me a sloppy manager after all] and while I was gone, more and MORE factions were created. Just showing to you guys that we’re converging as an anime organization, and not just your ordinary anime guild. MWAHAHAHAHA. (And I am just that happily clueless, just so you know.)

13878_762038077152240_1988534791486346680_n 10303815_614351715345659_3674972120517502271_n 10542976_1449610748652111_5831291247729096879_nI have included random pictures. And I don’t know from where they are though.

After the main faction in Grand Chase weakened, I have seen more activity in Aura Kingdom and the newly built faction in Onigiri NA, which was established by our pioneer |Yuno. Not to mention that we have [FINALLY] successfully invaded Dragon Nest SEA (and naming in OHG PH, meaning OtakuHouse Guild Philippines) just recently, thanks to Blackweapon. And if I’m not mistaken, another faction was made inside League of Legends [LoL], although I haven’t informed formally about this. And a guild sempai was the one who created it. See? We’re merging. AND I’m just that clueless.

Our page have decreased activeness too. But slowly, I am reviving the Anime and Manga Recommendation posts, which I have re-started with Akame ga Kill the last time.

akame ga killThis rocks! HELP!!!

I’ll also include a pool of throwback anime titles that otakus have and will always love, including Zenki and Time Quest. Er, am I the only one who remembers these two? (O__O;;

And about this blog? Hmm… So far, one thing is assured:
By the end of September, it’ll be more active unlike in the recent months.

I know, I know. It’s now dead and boring.

Wait for its resurrection. :3

About the featured image [above]
Well, as everyone knows, 2014 is again invaded by Sword Art Online 2. And it’s all because of this delicious gun-wielding babe. Yeah, forget about Kirito and his moe-like avatar and just focus on the Hecate owner.
OH, Sinon! I LOVE YOU!!!
[obviously cheating against Asuna]

Aired every Saturday night, so catch the subbed ones every Sunday. :3

GC-Related Articles to be Published Soon

Our Anime Reviews are discontinued due to my indefinite hiatus [same with Anime and Manga Recommendations in our Facebook page] but I’ll definitely resurrect it back… when my schedule’s forgiving. ^^

But as our second anniversary gets near, I decided to make a survey about GC characters. And it was a successful one. These surveys will be posted here, some time in the near future. Yes, definitely. Not next month. Not next year. Not in the next five, ten or twenty years. Just in the near future. ::evil grins::

And why Shizuo x Izaya on the featured image? Well, I missed them. :3

Click this: Kiseki – Orihara Izaya (Kamiya Hiroshi) and Heiwajima Shizuo (Ono Daisuke)