So it means I could still sleep? :3

Since it’s a BIG event [Act 2 for the much awaited new season called Rebirth— no no, not Heroes xD], servers will all be available at 3:00PM; as I type this, it’s four hours more. WTF?! (¬_¬)

So what’s in store in this huge event? Hmm… 4th skill AMP bar, HAHAHA. But rumo rhas it that it’s in cash [oh boy, I just purchased a lovely Asin and look, another pocket-wrecking event, tsk] but this week, it has a GP mission for a limited time and you’ll still run for a mission. Busy busy busy xDD

Next, new User Interface (UI).

Neat. :D
It has improved, AT LAST. xD

And then, there’s a new avatar Blue Mariner.

They’re such good people, giving non-cash players to experience having their characters avatars, even for a day. TwT

Can’t wait to see these improvements… but it’s still four hours. I can still sleep.
ヾ( ̄0 ̄; )ノ


MP4 and Special MP4 Skill Quests and Level Requirements

MP4 Bar Quest
GP – Defeat 260 Monsters +2 ~ -2 of your Level

Cash – 1 GemSpecial MP4 Skill Quest
GP – Defeat 800 Monsters +2 ~ -2 of your level
Cash – 1 GemLevel Requirements
1st Job MP4 = Lv 15
2nd Job MP4 = Lv 35
3rd Job MP4 = Lv 55
4th Job MP4 = Lv 75

AP MP4 = None

Side Note
Di pwede pag sabay sabayin ang pag Quest

Quest MP4 Bar
Quest Special MP4 Skill
= Not Allowed

you have to do it 1 at a TIME :3

Grand Chase photos courtesy of Grand Chase Philippines via Level-Up.
Update quoted from Kira.


Anime Official Sites Added!

I am such a happy badass who keeps on “ditching” my girlfriend so I could edit this page xD

Anyway, like the title suggested, I added anime websites on the Links for my guild mates’ happy souls. I just hope they can read the sites. ^^;

First: Sword Art Online.
Favoritism? Yeah, too big for a banner XD
Maybe I could be the one who noticed it, but I still mentioned it. Weird. xD

Then, we have Kokoro Connect [from me], Oda Nobuna [requested by Rin] and Gundam Seed Destiny [requested by Rinnel]. Aren’t we so happy? xDD

I’m sure I’ll be able to put MORE into it; only that I have to adjust the banner size >>;
But of course I’ll only add on-going shows. Not all shows should be in there or I’ll end up making this site into a link-filled page, ditching the guild forever. Oppss, here comes the word “ditching” again.

Time for me to fly-off and drift away.
Wait, can’t find my Nerve Gear. O_O;


... we won anyway. :)

Our guild exists in GrandChase world— six continents, numerous dungeons, ugly monsters, troublesome bosses, trash-talking noobs, strong other players— and we are there; beating, killing, slashing, mauling, pounding, smashing, mincing, crushing, slaying, whipping and whacking them ALL. xD There are sample pictures in the About OtakuHouse page; check them out. xD

But we can’t be in-game forever. We can’t produce a real-life NervGear and stuck ourselves inside that world for eternity. We live in the outside world. Aside from being knights, swordsmen, archers, ramas, magicians, bounty hunters and thieves, we have our own jobs in the real world: students, office workers, those who has no PC at home and just renting.

That’s how our guild crossed the borders and there, you’ll see  on your right our Facebook page created by the guild leader himself.. That page is dedicated to our guild’s recent activities, also some anime and manga recommendations for our fellow otakus. And the eight officers manage that.

Aside from a page, we also created a Facebook group and I should say that this is our very haven [in SAO, Knights of Blood Oath resides in Grandzam so I guess that’s our… Grandzam… HAHAHA]. This is the very place where everything and anything happens. I’m so happy I created that group. Even though we are not in-game and it’s impossible to meet eye to eye, we are there: mingling, chatting and laughing together, sharing our thoughts, talking about the latest anime shows, asking for advice or answers in troublesome homeworks… Honestly it is fun.

I have made this site for On-Web Application purposes. I’ll post some events and other information as well for the benefits of our followers. I have so many things in mind but I’m not sure how I’ll divide my body to do all of them. But for now, I’ll fill this with nothing but PICTURES! xDD Everyone loves pictures, don’t they? xP

And of course, I can’t stay here for infinity, waiting for applicants to flood. And I am the sole admin of this site.
No whacking of monsters, no goofing around, no laughing. No fun.

But even though I won’t be online forever, and my fellow officers are, they can still see if there are applications that need attention. The comments under the On-Web Application page are all visible to everyone so everyone’s needs will still be attended. Just remember guys, to provide your email and/or Facebook accounts. It is important, not to hack you, but of course for you to enter our sweet realm too.

Okay, I have said too much. I’ll go edit this if I have time the next time. Time for me to go back to UnderWorld.

My work here is done.

I don’t have to explain why but… yeah…

Love it.

Real life Kirigaya Kazuto marrying real life Yuuki Asuna?

Good thought.

But just because Sword Art Online is a trending show recently, many are amused with this very trivial occasion. Yes, trivial; we’re just two ordinary people taking those popular names like our own and pretending loving each other so much. Such lovely hearts, I almost cry with joy.

Then you’ll receive something like this. Wow.
The news spread like a disease. They are so happy. Confetti everywhere…
Are we helping these couple to be more famous? =w=

But why am I posting this here?
Haven’t you noticed? We ARE guild mates. HAHAHA.
Kirito and Asuna-ish tale of love. <3

Next stop: We are looking for a Yui. Asuna is. >__>

Web Application Form Commences!

As a part of our growing community and some unexpected conflicts with our schedules in the real world, we encourage our applicants to comply with our newly implemented rule: Applying to our guild via this application form. This form will surely connect us to you and a way to know your Grand Chase information and otaku status. We might still have to test your PVP abilities so you CAN provide us your preferable date of exam.

Yes; go and experiment!! :D

C-Chotto matte, minna!!

Everything’s under construction, people! :D

Anyway, thank you for dropping by.

I’m such a busy body because of this….. >____>

Well, like most of typical students in the world, OtakuHouse Guild officers are also focusing on their real-world life, which is MORE important than anything else in the world… and with it, our applicants are all on queue; waiting until someone would whisper them for a PVP match and a random otaku quiz.

The officers and I are doing our best to make this guild better than any trash-talking guilds in GCPH [not all, but because of some traumatic experience with… “them”… you know what I mean?] that’s why we want our applicants — make that aspiring guild mates — comfortable with everything and here we are, trying to please them.

And I do hope that this works.

Anyway, my work here is done.

>> xxxKirito