OtakuHouse Guild, Resurrecting

Have you heard the news?

You haven’t?


Well, if you haven’t, then you’re nowhere in the shores of the Pearl of the Orient Seas.

The news is everywhere my friend; spreading like a computer virus in all of the nations. Words are jumping from one mouth to another; places are filled with whispers and mumbles of each and every Chaser who is more than ACHING to again yield the swords, bows, wands, gauntlets, chamra, eyeteeths, grandarks, fans, axes, hammers, soul takers — all of the possible weapons the knights have used in the battle.

We yearned for more entertainment, we yearned for more adventure. The fun wasn’t enough. WE NEED MORE.

And so, the Chase continues…


Special thanks to that creative team that will be creating our next wonderland – PEOPLE, OHG’s headquarters will remain in Grand Chase, I’ve said that in my previous post. And we shall continue living in this chaotic world. Eternally.

*Not to mention that my Facebook notifications are oh so full of OHG group notifs. It has been a long time since then. XD


Kirito-chan, on Vacation. Again. XD

Don’t fret, just yet! no pink cat

It’s just a small break from invading Dragon Nest, and I’m back updating my blogs. Yes, plural form: BLOGS. I have to post my reviews in Imperfect Resemblance, my pictures in Niji no Arika and my lyrics in Strawberry Lines. And of course, the profiles here in OtakuHouse. I’m one busy body; sorry if I won’t flirt with Irine at the moment. cry pink cat

And I do believe that it’s kinda hard invading DN at this rate. No, I’m not whining. I just realized that it’s pretty difficult talking to some snobbish unfriendly persons in this world. There are amiable, yes, but not all. And sometimes, even if you talk to them using a perfect English, they still won’t understand you. Guess what, English isn’t their mother tongue either. jgm pink cat Just imagine that.

And my ladies are leveling pretty fast as well. Like what Kei noted to me, exp (experience) is exp; you explore higher dungeons, you get more experience – the higher your level goes. I kind of did that to my cute Lancea today and I wasn’t disappointed. I really wanted her to visit Saint Haven and go get a splash on the hot spring, right at this moment. Wait, I’m thinking of something bad to my character, how could me? shy pink cat Okay, Irine is enough. At the moment. self hit milk bottle

Also, welcome to my newest character, a Warrior!!

Name's KonaKirito, Westwood server.
Name’s KonaKirito, Westwood server.

Just want to explore more of the characters other than what I’m usually using. I’m this obsess to the assassin and academic classes [adding the lancea to this addiction] that I totally forgot that there are more characters available. shy pink cat So I’m kinda breaking out of this obsession. Woo, congratulations ~~~~ laugh pink cat

New Picture (1)

Just imagine how Haiyan-chan will enjoy the waters of the hot spring in Saint Haven ~ smile milk bottle

Long Live The Chase!!!

Click to see: Long Live The Chase

It’s official: Grand Chase servers will all be closed. Locked up. Trashed. Doomed forever. Our beloved game will now eternally sleep along with its mysteries, glory and fame [not the guild princess, okay?]. We’ve expected this, right? The moment they [I don’t know “them” but it’s them] decided to close “some” of the servers including Philippines, we’ve known that it won’t take long until the domino takes effect. And see? After all those happy __ (input the years you enjoyed GC here) years you’ve invested in this lovely game, they’d just go and kill our happiness and our precious characters too – not to mention that I NEVER enjoyed Veigas and Uno for my beloved Jin’s sake. This is really fun; utterly ridiculous.

Why is this happened? I mean, there’s no wrong in the game, the story, the characters (despite my guildmates and I avidly shipping “happy BL pairs” – never mind), THE ENTIRE ONLINE GAME ITSELF. It doesn’t deserve this kind of idiocy! Just imagine the hard days we endured to level them up – and how many are they? 20. Hear that? TWENTY! (minus 2 because Veigas and Uno didn’t make it in the Philippine shores, at least), almost didn’t eat properly because we just couldn’t leave the damn pc since we’re in a fierce PVP, purchased gorgeous gachas despite its luxurious price just to make our characters strong – and they’d just shut it down, thank the community for the support and THAT’S IT?! I’m not angry, dude. Just explaining things. But I just can’t believe that I’ve exerted effort, spent my bucks and even cut my classes when I was in college just to play Grand Chase and just look at its glory, beautifully fading before my eyes. This is really, really, a ridiculous thing to rant about.

But what can we do? Even the Korean server itself would bid us farewell, earlier than the other servers. There are reasons, I know. We all know that.

Seeing the people complain about it, it makes me wonder no more. It’s painful. The moment we saw the news that it’s gonna be the end of it, we’re all shocked. Hurt.

It’s just a game to anyone else. A fantasy built for PC. But didn’t we invested something on it out of reality? We made friends there; enemies, allies, even some couples met there. On my part, I found what I call a family in Grand Chase. My friendship with Rell started there. Our guild was born there. Asuna and I somewhat became a couple there. I met those fun people because of Grand Chase. I enjoyed playing online games again because of Grand Chase. Grand Chase told me that you perceive, you’ll succeed (in leveling Jin from Fighter up to being Rama in a short span of time, yes). Grand Chase has been a part of me since I joined this community of players that are now in agony because GC will no longer be there.

But at least we were able to experience one hell of a joyride, yes? Fighting monsters with a party or guildmates, roaming dungeons with the rookies who didn’t know the way around, settling scores with other guilds, sparring with the most talented players not only in our country but with the rest of the world, meeting the best people at what you consider, your best place — say, how could I rant now? I’ve been a player of GC and WILL ALWAYS PROUD as a Chaser. It’s still a part of me, of our guild, of everyone else who show great passion for this wonderful game.

Grand Chase will forever be Grand Chase. Long live the Chase!! (I almost said All Hail Grand Chase. But why not? :3)

Hashtag it, and share your love for this crazy MMORPG that we’ll miss forever!

This image coming from NAGC’s official Facebook page

Credits to the one who edited my featured image.
Link thanks to NAGC’s official site.

OHG will soon invade ELSWORD PH!!!!

WEEEE~~~ Elsword Elsword Elsword ~~~


Good news: Elsword, an existing online game overseas that is obviously a sister game of our beloved Grand Chase, is coming to the authentic shores of the Philippine archipelago. The much-awaited CBT (Closed Beta Test) is schedules on October 2, 2013 so you’ll just have to count days or weeks and TADA! Elsword will be open to all MMORPG addicts out there.

So, even before ANOTHER counterfeit could steal our guild name away (I won’t mind saying it here because it’s my blog anyway; like those dudes from DragonNest SEA), my co-officers and I have decided to build another faction inside Elsword’s story. Yep, ladies and gents: OtakuHouse Guild of Grand Chase will soon conquer the next big thing in Philippine online gaming history!

Let’s RAWK ON!

By the way, because Rell has already taken the spot as the shining GL of the Grand Chase faction, I’ll take in-charge of the Elsword’s. Yeah, I’ll be your wonderful GL in Elsword mwahaha
But due to some circumstances, iBlackweap0n will stand as my proxy at that moment. See, I’ll be managing a guild within two games. Imagine my burden mwahaha

OHG’s The BIG 4

I’m super outdated with what’s happening around OHG recently that I myself ddin’t know that Keith [or we better know as the man behind lYukki and lYuno] has already quit the guild. Personal reason.

And recently, Daryl [or Zherlthish of the circle] has decided to resign from his position as an officer as well because of, yet, another personal reason.

What a bummer.
What could we do anyway? Real life is still a student’s and a businessman’s priority. But we will miss them, won’t we? u___u

And with this, iRell, iBlackweapon [or has he changed name, I haven’t checked yet], famishou and I are now the reigning BIG FOUR of OtakuHouse Guild. Yep, the four pioneers are left mwahahaha

That only means famishou is our newest sub-leader, replacing the spot Seth and Keith left.

So FRIENDS !! We are in search of new aspiring leaders to make our guild better!
For our members: Check my pinned post on our Facebook page.
For applicants: Still go to the On-web application form or find us on Facebook [and don’t forget to like us, okay? :)]

Guild Sempai to be added

As all otaku know, in Japanese schools superiority and status are important; sempai must be respected by their kouhai [that sometimes results into bullying and riots but that is another story]. In OtakuHouse Guild, we also practice respect which is one of the most important foundation for an organization to continue existing.

Guild Leader and other guild generals are the highest members of this organization. But, aside from these officers, we also consider our pioneer members as an important pillar because of their priceless loyalty to us. With these, they gain the utmost respect like the guild generals receive from ordinary members.

But starting today, we are now having “guild sempais”. These guild sempais may not have any position like a general or a pillar-like support like a pioneer but they deserve much respect like a general and a pioneer. For me they will become the likely “onii-chan” and “onee-chan” to their fellow members and newbies in the absence of the officers. They will become the rod of discipline when a certain member violates any guild rule.  They will stand up as role models; a charm that our Guild Leader can be proud of.

To be a guild sempai, all you have to do is to observe the guild rules, be active and friendly to all others. Also, you must have been a member of the guild for 6 consecutive months.

The list of the newly promoted Guild Sempais will be added shortly after I have updated the fresher guild members master list.